Trading consistency- Storm Bryant

When it comes to consistency within trading……………. MOST people do not have it, nor will they ever.

You can separate yourself from the 98% who lose because of inconsistency, by practicing a few trading ‘mantras’ that will improve you drastically!

If you haven’t heard, or experienced it yet; trading is predominately mental. If our mind and emotions are not in tact we make pretty bad decisions, not just in trading, but in life.

Trading requires a constant evaluation of your psychological health. To have a healthy mind, you have to train it just like any other muscle on your body.

Our goal is to help new, and experienced traders understand this concept. Below are a few helpful tools to increase your trading consistency by building NON-negotiable routines to build a strong mind that makes money on the charts.

  • Meditation: ” What you focus on grows “. Simply put, meditation is probably the #1 mental growth exercise you should start with. Calming your mind allows you to function at your highest in every way. Every day for 5-10 minutes guided or unguided. You will see that you’ll make decisions faster ( very helpful for trading ), you will also notice that you’ll feel calmer as you watch winning & losing trades. The list goes on for the benefits of mediation… We encourage you to give it a try!
  • Journaling :
    Writing down each trade that you take should be a constant. Nothing fancy, you could grab a Walmart notepad if you’d like LOL…. Seriously, it can be any pad style. Jotting down the trades is what’s most important. When you’re ‘ jotting ‘ them down, it’s important to have a few key categories that you’re noting.  Here they are : the currency pair you traded, long or short, 3 reasons why you entered the trade, your confidence level 0-10, the outcome of the trade, and lastly how you felt after the trade was completed. 
  • Nutrition
    The link between profits and nutrition runs deeper than you think. Your mind functions at its best based off of what you feed it. Nutrition is the most SLEPT on concept of mental clarity amongst traders.. If you go through enough ‘average’ traders Insta stories, you’ll see pizza, beer, burgers, alcohol, drugs, and so on..  Not to say that you can’t indulge, but when it is time to ‘ work ‘, you have to show up as a pro. Pro’s eat as such; plenty of water, healthy fats, organic  proteins, kombucha, slow digesting carbs, fruits, greens, and supplements! Those are they keys to mental clarity within your nutrition. 
  • Trading routine: This is one of the most important tools. Build out a safe, quiet, inspiring place where your trading takes place.  For most people that turns into an office, or atleast a desk where they analyze their charts. In that space, you’ll want to have a few affirmations written down on sticky notes as KEY reminders of discipline, inspiration, and purpose. Those will be different for everyone. These will aid in times of sadness/disappointment within trading days. Next, as you notice your trading patterns, mistakes, common success’, take note of them and write them down on sticky notes as well. Same goes for them, they will aid you in awareness. 

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